„Freedom 251“ – das günstigste Smartphone

Indien_MumbaiSeit gestern soll das günstigste Smartphone der Welt namens „Freedom 251“ beim indischen Hersteller Ringing Bells bestellbar sein. Die Auslieferung wird auf 30. Juni 2016 angegeben doch es klingelt leider nicht für alle.  EXTREME TECH meldet:

Not long ago, smartphones were universally expensive and not at all suitable for the developing world. What a difference a few years can make. A new smartphone has been announced in India, which is not unusual by itself. However, this Android phone will only cost INR 251. That works out to less than four bucks. Oh, you’ll make some compromises to get a $4 smartphone, but it looks like a surprisingly capable device.

Source: Freedom 251 is an Android smartphone that costs less than $4 | EXTREME TECH

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